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👍 “Thank you so much Heidi for everything
you’ve been to my life all these years!
You are the best childcare provider ever . . .
a light-bringing breath of fresh air . . .
and a uniquely beautiful person!
You live from your heart and it shows.”
-Gina (mother of 2) 

👍 “Heidi, thank you for giving 100%
of your love and attention to my children!”
-Rochel (mother of 4)

👍 “Heidi is exceptional . . .
beautiful inside & out . . .
and absolutely the best person
to take care of our children.
When I met Heidi, I knew
from the beginning
that she is THE ONE I can trust and
feel comfortable leaving my kids with.
She is warm, kind, loving
and full of positive energy.
My kids are always laughing
and having so much fun with her.
She comes up with wonderful stories
and fun game ideas, which my sons love!
(And your house will be nice and tidy
when you come back home.)
She is the best!  We love Heidi!!!”
-Maggie (mother of 2)

👍 “Heidi is the best we’ve ever had!
My kids absolutely love her
and begged for her to come back.
She is caring, patient, nurturing,
enthusiastic, fun, responsible,
and excellent with children!
Highly recommended!”
-Miri (mother of 2)

👍 “As a new parent,
I’ve learned so much from Heidi.
She has a wealth of knowledge and
provides unparalleled tenderness
to the children in her care.”
-Demi (mother of 2)

👍 “We love Heidi!
She is warm, authentic,
and filled with love and energy!
Our son always asks for her to come play
and he gives her the biggest, sweetest hug
when she comes (he is not a big hugger
to other people besides us parents).
We know that they have
the best time together,
and more importantly
the best quality of time.
Heidi is genuinely excited to see
and spend time with our son,
and knows how to handle his energy.
We highly recommend her!”
-Alicia (mother of 1)

👍 “Heidi has a very loving
and positive energy.

She’s great with creative play
and such a kind person.”

-Diana (mother of 1)

👍 “Heidi is the modern day Mary Poppins!”
-Stephanie (mother of 2)

👍 “Heidi is wonderful.
My daughter loves her.
Amazing with kids.
I highly recommend her!”
-Revi (mother of 3)

👍 “I do not know anyone as fun
and loving with children as Heidi!”
-Maria (mother of 1)



Professional Childcare

Nanny ✦ Babysitter ✦ Mother’s Helper

🔵 5 star childcare for newborns and up

🔵 indoor and outdoor adventures

🔵 educational and creative playtime

🔵 domestic management and organization

🔵 parental guidance for health, wellness, nutrition, grocery shopping, and conscious child-rearing







  ✦ Parents work with me because I am . . .  

  Highly organized, clean and tidy 

  Kosher / Vegan / Organic / Holistic 

  The founder of a children’s nonprofit organization 

  Proudly have over 10 years of professional experience 

  Reliable ~ with excellent references throughout South Florida 

  Provide tender loving care for all ages, including fun activities centered on education, creative & artistic expression, health and well-being 












✦ Glimpses & Magical Moments  

From newborns to teenagers,
I have been blessed to be part
of the growth and well being

of our young rising leaders
for over 15 years!



 ✦ Now let’s go deeper
into a sacred diary of our quality time 
. . .  

Today this divine 1 YEAR OLD spontaneously created a picnic (using his new toy kitchen and pretend food items).  He NEATLY set the table ON HIS OWN – putting out plates, utensils, and a nice spread of cuisine for us to enjoy.  We sat together for about 20 minutes in his playroom, having an elegant meal and lots of chit chat.  He even placed a little loaf of bread in his toy oven, pressed the buttons accordingly, and then brought it out so hospitably to serve me, motioning that it was ‘hot hot hot’ to the touch and that I should blow on it first, to cool it off . . . all because he remembers how things are when we cook real food each week.  In fact, he even remembers to grab an oven mitt when food is ready (in the real kitchen).  He’s always a step ahead!  ♡  Since the moment he could walk, Apollo has been thrilled to be my helper in every way ~ from filling a pot with water, to waiting for it to bubble on the stove, to seasoning food with various spices, to properly putting away items from the dishwasher, and even vacuuming right beside me for Chore Time.  This child does everything with joy and focus.  And because he’s such a giant, brilliant, ancient soul . . . I sometimes forget how brand new he is (not even 2 years old yet!) ♡ BEST DAY EVER. 


  . . . in love with this sweet, sensitive, super deep and smart little boy!  ♡  He surprises and delights me week after week.  Every moment we share is a treasure I cherish in my heart.  His laugh is my ear candy. His inquisitive nature challenges me and brings me to new heights as a human being. Together we explore our paradise with awe and wonderment.  And though he hasn’t yet learned to speak words in English, I understand his special way of communicating . . . and our godversations flow with ease.  He loves to look at colorful books, play in the warm sand, and observe people for great lengths of time.  I am exalted in his presence. 









Saturday night was a BLAST with the amazing Elai & Maya!  ♡  We created an original song, had a dance party, engaged in a super fun “sword” fight, participated in a Blueberry Savoring Contest (to see who could chew the slowest and allow the flavor to maximally explode in their mouth), cuddled up for an hour of story time (reading books as well as storytelling from our imagination), and had some of their Mommy’s famous ‘milk & honey’ concoction before bed.  I love these kids and how full of life and laughter they are.  In our world, all good things are possible! 



Steeped in play, I glance down

Watching my little drummer boy
As he takes in a splendorous ecology

 Class is free . . . as is he.

 Bathed in ocean breeze

We breathe

Awed by birds in unison

Tickled by silly peek-a-boos
And chases around the park

We embark

On yet another present

Fortified by our aliveness

Trees speaking
Children laughing
Hearts that beat their merry rhythm

To it all, we listen.  





My precious bundle of pure deliciousness!  ♡  What greater joy exists than to spend our days going on adventures, having fun at the library and the park, running from pirates, sailing the seas, saving baby elephants, having picnics, cooking meals together, building things (and of course, getting to knock them over afterward), creating art, and rolling around in our world of imagination?!  ♡  “To infinity . . . and beyond!”














I savor every wonderful moment with my kiddies. ♡  Yesterday, I went on an outdoor scavenger hunt with my amazing 4 year old pal, Aiden. We each had a walking stick in hand (which doubled as a weapon used to defeat the zombies we encountered), and we packed a bag of provisions (consisting of an iPod full of classic reggae songs, a teddy bear, and a container to hold treasures we came across). ♡ While following the light of the moon and the rhythm of our hearts, we found magical fun around every corner. Later on, we sailed out to sea and got caught in a (totally hilarious) thunderstorm that rocked our boat wildly from side to side! Fortunately my yellow-haired, pint-sized captain threw me a lifeline and saved me several times when I fell into the water. Little did I know we’d eventually end up stranded on an island and have to build a home for ourselves using the materials we found. ♡ After hours of adventuring, our quality time concluded with singing, reading/learning, and storytelling. ♡ And somehow . . . in the midst of such marvelous extravaganzas of creativity, imagination and bonding . . . healthy food was eaten, tiny teeth were thoroughly brushed, pajamas were put on, and eyelids gently closed as a wiped-out boy drifted serenely to dream land. ♡ It is an honor and joy to frolic for a living . . . to be compensated for being myself . . . and to care for those who equally care for me. When precious young children pat me on the back and say “I’ll protect you, Heidi” as we venture hand-in-hand into worlds that make us laugh and fill us with curiosity, eagerness and awe . . . I am humbled to my core, overcome with giddy delight and appreciation for the entirety of these extraordinary experiences. ♡ The unfiltered honesty. The commitment to the scenes we co-create. The fierce strength & empowerment juxtaposed with delicate vulnerability and hesitation. The dance between instinct, intuition and intellect . . . between charging forward with no abandon and exercising caution like a timid voyager. It’s all so fascinating and amusing and beautiful. ♡ No day is the same. Tender impressions are made. Memories tide us over until we reunite for more Expansion (via play) . . . more Love (via accommodation & negotiation, compassion & cuddles) . . . more Connection (by way of simple presence with each other’s colorful, familiar Soul Essence). ♡ “Hi old friend”, we say enthusiastically, embracing yet again, in another time and place, with our new roles and new face. ♡ What a strange and wondrous journey.