This poetry portal houses an aural gem for every palate  ~
from the mystical and meditative . . . to the sensual and shadowy.

Below you will find dozens of original recordings
for your alignment and enjoyment,
as well as recitations of wisdom from great spiritual teachers.

*Due to the abundance of worthwhile content on this page,
please allow a minute or two for all videos to load.


💎 Meditative Recordings 💎

May these offerings help align you with the peace and harmony of the Present Moment . . . the marvelous powwow of Here & Now ~ where our circuitry attunes to the wondrous Field from whence we came.  In this timelessness, feel free to take a deep slow breath and momentarily melt into a meditative journey.  As we unplug from the mentally taxing, emotionally draining matrix of the mainstream strange dream, allow yourself to resonate effortlessly with messages of truth and wisdom which illuminate cellular memory.

From confusion in the chrysalis . . .
to celebration as a crystalline avatar . . .
This Is It . . . Here We Are.



💎 Poetry Recordings 💎